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Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is used to control the emissions and stop harmful exhaust gasses from entering the atmosphere for your car or vehicle and in 1993 became legality in the UK as part of the Euro Emissions standards

The Catalytic Converter is made up from a Honeycomb design to maximum area and allows air to flow through. The interim mattering is there to hold the monlith in place and will expand when expose to the heat. As the air flows through the device it removes the harmful gases and removed the impurities clean gases to admitted in the atmosphere 

Different Styles of Cat

Underfloor Cat - This type of cat is positioned directly on the underfloor of the vehicle.

Manifold or Close Coupled Cat – designed to fit directly to the vehicles manifold where the exhausts gasses are hotter.

Maniverter – the cat is part of the manifold and is therefore positioned where the exhausts gasses are at their hottest.

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