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Wynn's Black Gasket Maker
Part No.: WYN57680

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Wynn’s Black Gasket Maker is a flexible high-temperature resistant, watertight filling and bonding material. It is a polysiloxane based product in a pressure cartridge for making seals and gaskets in a rapid and easy way.



Is resistant to oils, transmission fluids, water, antifreeze, grease, smoke and hot toxic gases.
Replaces cork, felt, paper and rubber gaskets.
Withstands low temperatures up to -40°C (continuous) and high temperatures up to 232°C (continuous) and 260°C (intermittent).
Does not harm catalytic converters and electronic sensors.
Retorquing is not necessary after complete curing.
No mixing required (single component).



Ideal for replacing seals and gaskets of engine components (cylinder-head cover, transmission and oil crankcase, water pumps, thermostats), light fittings, heating installations, AC, bodywork, industrial ovens, cooking stoves, window seals and many other applications.

The product is not suitable for replacing head gaskets nor for applications that require continuous immersion in petrol.
Do not use in joints deeper than 10 mm.
Avoid contact with solvent cleaners during cure.



Remove plastic tear-off lid 
Remove cap from nozzle 
Ensure that surfaces are clean, dry and grease free.
Turn the top clockwise until you hear a click . Now turn further clockwise till stop to open trigger completely Turn to Max for a thicker bead and to Min for a thinner
bead .
Apply the Gasket Maker by lightly pressing the trigger anddrawing the bead along

Immediately assemble parts.
Hand tighten until product begins to squeeze out around the flange.
Allow to cure for one hour, then retighten ¼ to ½ turn.
Gasket will skin over in one hour and fully cure in 24 hours.
After use, wipe the nozzle clean and put back the cap .
If product has cured in the nozzle, loosen nozzle and remove cured product.
If the application is one in which the components are to be dismantled after the gasket  has been made, apply the Gasket Maker normally, but spread a light coating of oil to the opposing face of the joint before bringing the two surfaces together.


Technical data 

Appearance : Non-Sag black paste
Density : 1.03
Temperature resistance : -40 to +232°C (up to 260°C for short exposure)
Application temperature range : +5 to +40°C

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