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Wynn's Clean-Air with Molecular Technology
Part No.: WYN29601

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Wynn’s Clean-Air removes and neutralises odours and bad smells in vehicles.



 Neutralises bad smells by means of a molecular, chemical reaction.
 Instantly removes bad smells.
 Works on a wide range of unpleasant odours of organic materials:
o Cigarette smoke, pet smell, body odours, transpiration
o Removes food smells, such as coffee, orange, vanillin, pizza, fries, spilled food.
o Removes odour from vomit, smell of mildew and damp.
o Removes bad smells from fabrics, e.g. seats and carpets in vehicles
 Chemical neutralisation of the smell molecules, instead of just masking the smell,
leading to a long lasting effect.
 It has a fresh delicate minty perfume, which slowly disappears after use.
 Does not leave stains.

 For use in cars, trucks and buses.

Appearance : clear liquid
Density at 15°C : 818 kg/dm³
Refractive Index at 20°C : 1,3680
Flash Point : 12°C
Propellant gas : propane/butane

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