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Wynn's Turbo Cleaner
Part No.: WYN28679

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Wynn’s Turbo Cleaner cleans and unblocks dirty turbochargers. When spraying, it produces a foam, which has a long lasting cleaning effect on the surface of the turbo.



 Cleans and unblocks dirty turbocharger geometry with or without dismantling.
 Dissolves gum, lacquer, tar, carbon and varnish.
 Restores turbo power to its original activity.
 Regains optimal air/fuel ratio.
 Harmless to exhaust gas after-treatment systems.



For all diesel and petrol turbo engines.



A. Cleaning the turbo (inlet side) without disassembly

1. Start the engine and let it warm up. Remove the flexible hose in the intake system, located between the air filter box and turbocharger / intercooler
2. For petrol engines run the engine up to 2000 rpm. For diesel engines let the engine idle, NEVER throttle.
3. With a warm engine, spray the product into the air intake manifold.
4. Spray Wynn’s Turbo Cleaner in short intervals to avoid a spontaneous increase of rpm and engine knock.

5. After each spraying wait for the rpm to set back to the original level.
6. If necessary, throttle for petrol engines to avoid stalling. For diesel engines NEVER throttle.
7. Continue until the 200 ml product in the aerosol is used.
8. Let the engine idle for a few minutes. Stop the engine. Reconnect the air-intake hose.
9. Start engine, throttle the engine 5 to 10 times (maximum 3000 rpm), or drive 5 to 10 km with the car (do not exceed 3000 rpm).
10. Let the engine run at least another minute before stopping.


B. Cleaning a very dirty turbo (inlet and outlet side) with disassembly

1. Disassemble the turbocharger.
2. Remove the turbo in such a way that the variable geometry is visible.
3. Spray all parts well. Allow the product to soak several minutes.
4. Spray again on the parts until all dirt is removed.
5. It may help to use a rag or a piece of tissue to remove the dirt.
6. Dry the parts with compressed air, rag or tissue. Check visually for mechanical defects.
7. Mount the turbo, with new gaskets.

After this clean-up with Wynn’s Turbo Cleaner with or without disassembly, it is advised to take away the cause of this dirt build-up by using following fuel additives:

For petrol cars:
Add one bottle of Wynn’s Petrol Clean 3 to the fuel tank after the Wynn’s Turbo Cleaner treatment. Wynn’s Petrol Clean 3 will immediately clean the injectors and combustion chamber and take away the cause of the dirt build-up in the turbo and fuel system.


For diesel cars:
Add one bottle of Wynn’s Diesel Clean 3 to the fuel tank after the Wynn’s Turbo Cleaner treatment.
Wynn’s Diesel Clean 3 will burn off the soot on the outlet side of the turbo which results in a complete turbo clean-up, on both the inlet and outlet side of the turbo.


Technical data

Appearance : clear liquid
Propellant gas : propane/butane

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