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Body & Exhaust

Body and Exhaust. 



A car's shape, style and aerodynamics are determined by the body of the car. The type of car (hatchback, sport, convertible etc.) will determine the general shape of the body, however there will still be some room for slight changes.

Changes are generally made by adapting or installing new exterior body parts. This parts include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoiler and paint jobs. Particular collections of these things are often combined into body kits. When making adaptions to your car it is normally best to use the same type of modifications to avoid a mismatched look.

The body of a car is generally made from materials that compromise between weight and strength. These are typically fiberglass, polyurethane or occasionally carbon fiber. Although fiberglass is cheap and readily it is relatively fragile and can crack upon impact. For this reason polyurethane modifications are popular as their greater flexibility makes them more resistant to damage.

We also stock Auxiliary Lights, Headlights, Wing, Bumper, Lights, Gas Springs, Passenger Cabin, Windows and Mirrors for you car body


Exhaust Systems 

Exhausts Systems contains many parts but you will mainly know the most common parts like the exhaust itself, Catalytic converter, silencers, exhaust pipes and more.

The main purpose of the exhausts system and it parts is to remove hot gases that burns from the engine as the fuel passes through engine and depending on the design of your engine the gases pass through a series of pipes and filter so product clean and non toxic air for the general public and environment and keep the air flow constant within the engine.

Remember if you are purchase an exhaust system or parts don’t forget your clamps, nuts, bolts, grease and more to make sure your exhaust parts and fitted correctly. 


Interior Equipment 

A vehicle can have a wide variety of interior equipment. Whether it's seat covers and rubber mats, or radios and tripod lights, any number of parts can find their way into a vehicle. Interior equipment can be the cause of vehicle problems, too, or encounter problems itself. With that in mind, it's important to take care of your vehicle.

Interior equipment should also often be calibrated to the season, or changed regularly as it's worn down. In the winter, your vehicle might need heaters and tire chains for when it's in use and when it's not, and when travelling in rural areas, it might help to have a compass installed. Even the ever-handy "glove compartment" that acts as storage in many vehicles is interior equipment, and can be improved, replaced or damaged.



A windscreen cleaning system is an essential safety feature on any modern vehicle with a fixed windscreen. The primary purpose of the system is to ensure that the screen remains clear and the driver's vision remains unobstructed. This means that the system has to be able to effectively remove a variety of different things from the windscreen, such as dirt, snow, ice, bird droppings and dead insects, all of which may impair vision.

The cleaning system itself is made up of various different components working together, including wiper arms, a wiper motor and washer jets. There are many reasons why one or more of these components may break or malfunction, but if that happens, the cleaning system becomes unreliable and driver vision will be compromised.

If you do encounter problems with any of the components of your windscreen cleaning system, fortunately we are able to provide the replacement parts to bring it back to full health quickly. All of the parts we stock are made by reputable manufacturers, so you can be sure you are purchasing high quality products.


Finding the right product for your vehicle can sometimes be tricky, so just let us know if you need some help. You can reach us by phone (01392 215635) or email (sales@partservice.co.uk) , and we would be more than happy to hear from you. 

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