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A car's shape, style and aerodynamics are determined by the body of the car. The type of car (hatchback, sport, convertible etc.) will determine the general shape of the body, however there will still be some room for slight changes.

Changes are generally made by adapting or installing new exterior body parts. This parts include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoiler and paint jobs. Particular collections of these things are often combined into body kits. When making adaptions to your car it is normally best to use the same type of modifications to avoid a mismatched look.

The body of a car is generally made from materials that compromise between weight and strength. These are typically fiberglass, polyurethane or occasionally carbon fiber. Although fiberglass is cheap and readily it is relatively fragile and can crack upon impact. For this reason polyurethane modifications are popular as their greater flexibility makes them more resistant to damage.

We also stock Auxiliary Lights, Headlights, Wing, Bumper, Lights, Gas Springs, Passenger Cabin, Windows and Mirrors for you car body

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