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Belt Drive

Belt Drive

Belt drives are a part of many different vehicles. Electric cars use more belt drives than other vehicles, the water pumps in most vehicles use belt drives, and modern vehicles with power steering or accessories may also need belt drives for those functions such as Belt Pulley, Timing Belt, V-Belt and V-Ribbed Belt to name a few.

The specifics of a belt drive's design and the quality of its materials can strongly affect its lifespan, and a worn or broken belt drive can be the source of various problems with your vehicle. Many modern vehicles use a single belt drive, called a "serpentine belt", for everything multiple belt drives would otherwise do. As such, if there's a problem with your vehicle's serpentine belt, it needs to be replaced immediately.

If you require any information on belt drives, or would like to inquire about your vehicle's belt drives specifically, pick up the phone or contact us at sales@partservice.co.uk. We will be happy to help you.

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