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Maintenance Service Parts

Maintenance Service Parts

Maintenance service parts are an important part of your vehicle's maintenance. Whether it is with nuts and bolts, or a complicated valve that has broken and is now missing, you will eventually need to replace one or more of your vehicle's parts. This becomes particularly necessary during winter where the vehicle can more easily suffer wear and tear.

Maintenance parts do not include tires, etc., but can include rims or other parts of your vehicle's larger composition. Parts that need maintenance particularly often can include the engine, breaks, ignition and windows. A car's paint and exterior may also need touching up from time to time, but this is generally not a situation where "maintenance parts" are used and needed.

If you are unsure what parts you need for your maintenance service and need help, or just have questions, pick up the phone or contact us at sales@partservice.co.uk and we will be happy to help.            

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