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Replace your clutch check list.

When you are looking at buying a clutch you need to take into account a few factors, age of the vehicle, cost of the parts, cost of the actual vehicle and the cost of the labour of fitting the parts or looking at replacing both the Clutch and Flywheel this could be a very costly job and sometime more than the vehicle is worth. So you should always check before hand.

The clutch can contain various part, the main parts is the clutch itself, Slave Cylinder and Flywheel, with the flywheel you need to check to see if you have a solid flywheel or a DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) as this can affect the type of clutch you need. The flywheel is a non service part but you should also check to make sure it is still working correctly or not causing any damage to the clutch itself or any of the parts attached to the flywheel.


The clutch normally contains a Clutch Plate and a Clutch Pressure Plate some will come with a release bearing and you can also purchase them with a slave cylinder as well. So before you think about replacing your clutch is it worth that little extra time to makes sure you know all the parts you need before starting the job. Once you know all the parts that need replacing you or your garage can make sure you have everything ready as this is not a quick 5 minute replacement job unlike say replacing a bulb light. When you start the job of replacing your clutch you should allow at least 4 or 5 hours or more to be on the safe side. If you are getting a garage to replace the clutch and not yourself remember you have to allow this amount of time is labour costs if not more depending on the make, model and age of the vehicle.  One thing I would say it is worth to remember is you never know what you are going to find once you start to replace the clutch as you might need to replace both the clutch and flywheel. This would increase the cost so as stated above always worth checking first.

Slave Cylinder.

A slave cylinder is an important part of the clutch system in your manual transmission vehicle. This part is used when you depress the clutch and re engages the gears. If you car does has a slave cylinder it is worth remember it is worth replacing this part at the same time you are replacing your clutch to make sure you are providing a complete in clutch system instead of a part new and part worn and causing you more trouble in the future. Remember if you are getting a garage to replace your clutch replacing the slave cylinder at the same time would make sense it both times and money as the last thing you would want to do is replace the clutch and find in a few month you need to replace the slave cylinder.

I know I said about the flywheel briefly above if you need more information on the flywheel (click here). I hope this has given you an idea about replacing the clutch and the important of checking to see what you need to do before you order.

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