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Technology in your car and security risk.

I recently wrote an article about the technology in the modern day car.  After I decided to write the article more and more information has started to back up the claims I made in the article and I know I few points I made were to the very extreme but I think after all the recent and current news items on this subject we are not too far away for some of it happening.

I do find it very worrying and I know the major car companies are starting to address this current issue that have been mention and how easy it has been to break into the car internal on board computer.

As we now move into the unknown area where the car will be driving itself and completely control by the on board computer how long before we start to download security patches or firmware updates and so much more once the car is connect to your work or home wifi for the manufacture to track all our driving habits. This does have a plus side as it should also let you know if you do had a problem with your car or need to go back to the main dealer to replace, repair or any other issue once you get into the car or even inform you that your car is been already booked in or allowing you book it in from the car dashboard. This can only help and protect you and other road users.

Sorry going for go a little off track there right back to what I was saying. I did mention in the previous article about how will these self drive car will be control will it be by GPS or a country design network like a mobile phone tower or will each manufacture provide its own network this is something we don’t know. This then open out the can of worms just like phone hacking with people hacking your car and what information could there steal or hear. The reason I say about hear as we found out a while go voice recognition software goes to a third party so will we lose the idea of a private conversion in the future even in our cars as we can still be recorded also just like Facebook do on your mobile phone if you have not changed your setting. How long before the new phone hacking with become car hacking. The main problem I see in this would be if you have to program you destination into the car on gps these people would then know your routes, final destination and could be waiting for you thus taking away any form of privatise and even record your conversation with the cars on board mic.

Not one company has issue a statement who is involved in this new area of cars and self drive car what and how much information is going to be tracked or sold on to a third party for even more target marketing. You could be driving or being in one of the driver less car and before you know it you are getting the latest product from god know who. Will anything you look or do  within the car be tracked using cookies like on the internet now? Will we have an option to view or op out of being tracked? This is just the beginning why not just microchip a baby at birth so government can track us or sells everybody to Apple, Google, Facebook or who is the highest bidder. I think within a few years we will start to see how much of this is going too used and how it will affect us all in everyday life. I do how and pray it will be for the better but if you look over the last 10 years this has not been the case.

I know the title is about the security risk and not personal privatise but I think without the proper security risk within the cars or personal privatise will never exists then you had to ask yourself do we really have it now? We had all seen the films that technology has been used and gone that would never happen and 20 years later it is all happening and take as the normal.

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