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Steering & Suspension

Steering and Suspension 



The axle is a fundamental component of most wheeled vehicles, and can be called rod, spindle or shaft.
Some vehicles have a Fixed Axle for rotation, with bearings (or bushings) set in axle mountings. Alternative to the fixed axle is the 'Full Floating Axle' non-weight bearing system, which 'floats' inside a weight bearing assembly. Bearings set inside the central hole allow wheel or gear to move around the axle. The shaft is secured by a flange bolted to the hub; with hub and bearings held fast to the axle by a large nut.
This type of axle can be beneficial, because should the axle break, the wheel will not come off.



The system for steering your car, works on the conversion of the rotation of the steering wheel into the swivel movement of the wheels on the road surface. The very basic physics behind all steering systems has a series of pivoted joints that permit the wheels to move in unison with the suspension, to maintain the correct steering angle. The two most common steering systems are the steering box and the rack and pinion.

The rack and pinion is a precision piece of engineering and uses a rack-and-pinion gear, a pinion, rack and steering column. The pinion that is operated from the steering column moves the rack from side to side, and the energy is transferred to the road wheels via track rods. The steering box has more parts and is not as precise as rack and pinion.

A car that is fitted with power steering overcomes the problem of lack of manoeuvrability. In this system, oil is delivered under very high pressure to the steering system. Whenever the wheel is turned, valves open and release oil into the cylinder, which assists in the turning process. When the driver stops turning the wheel, the valves shut down and close.

The steering wheel is the driver's control centre responsible for the operational direction of the car. Steer your way clear with:
Steering wheels, racks, mounts, boxes, suspension, arms, joints, drive belts, switches, sensors, and so on.



Car suspension systems are important components of any vehicle, and will need to be replaced over time. As suspensions can endure wear and tear, and damage from road bumps and potholes, they can be easily become damaged, and this can have an effect on your steering system. Remember - a steering system that doesn't work properly will mean that you won't be able to drive your vehicle.

It's important to place high quality steering and suspension parts in your car, which will provide you with more value for money. We stock a wide range of car parts, with suspension systems and steering essentials for various makes, models, and manufacturers. Coil springs, air springs, leaf springs, and torsion bars are just some of the parts we specialise in.

The wheel of course is the most essential part for a car. The wheel rotates on the axle bearing.
To make a wheel go round requires a fair number of parts such as:
Wheel arches, hubs, bolts, caps, cylinders, nuts, locking wheel kits, gaskets, seals, and of course tyres.


Finding the right product for your vehicle can sometimes be tricky, so just let us know if you need some help. You can reach us by phone (01392 215635) or email (sales@partservice.co.uk) , and we would be more than happy to hear from you.

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