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Axle Mounting/ Steering/ Wheels

Axle Mounting/ Steering/ Wheels

The axle is a fundamental component of most wheeled vehicles, and can be called rod, spindle or shaft.
Some vehicles have a Fixed Axle for rotation, with bearings (or bushings) set in axle mountings. Alternative to the fixed axle is the 'Full Floating Axle' non-weight bearing system, which 'floats' inside a weight bearing assembly. Bearings set inside the central hole allow wheel or gear to move around the axle. The shaft is secured by a flange bolted to the hub; with hub and bearings held fast to the axle by a large nut.
This type of axle can be beneficial, because should the axle break, the wheel will not come off.

The steering wheel is the driver's control centre responsible for the operational direction of the car. Steer your way clear with:
Steering wheels, racks, mounts, boxes, suspension, arms, joints, drive belts, switches, sensors, and so on.

The wheel of course is the most essential part for a car. The wheel rotates on the axle bearing.
To make a wheel go round requires a fair number of parts such as:
Wheel arches, hubs, bolts, caps, cylinders, nuts, locking wheel kits, gaskets, seals, and of course tyres.

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