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The system for steering your car, works on the conversion of the rotation of the steering wheel into the swivel movement of the wheels on the road surface. The very basic physics behind all steering systems has a series of pivoted joints that permit the wheels to move in unison with the suspension, to maintain the correct steering angle. The two most common steering systems are the steering box and the rack and pinion.

The rack and pinion is a precision piece of engineering and uses a rack-and-pinion gear, a pinion, rack and steering column. The pinion that is operated from the steering column moves the rack from side to side, and the energy is transferred to the road wheels via track rods. The steering box has more parts and is not as precise as rack and pinion.

A car that is fitted with power steering overcomes the problem of lack of manoeuvrability. In this system, oil is delivered under very high pressure to the steering system. Whenever the wheel is turned, valves open and release oil into the cylinder, which assists in the turning process. When the driver stops turning the wheel, the valves shut down and close.

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