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Wheel Drive

Wheel Drive

There are three configurations of Wheel Drive for four wheel cars.

Front Wheel Drive (FWD) - Where the engine drives the front two wheels. This has the advantage of enabling the driver to deliver power in the direction of steering.

Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) - Where the engine drives the rear two wheels.

Four Wheel (or All Wheel) Drive - As with the other two, it's all in the name. The engine supplies power to all four of the wheels. This is common for off road vehicles that require more traction.

FWD is considered to be more efficient in terms of space. Whereas with RWD you have the advantage of better handling and acceleration. Traditionally, front wheel drives have been seen as better equipped for snowy and icy conditions, but when RWD is combined with traction control this advantage is greatly decreased.

AWD can either operate with all four wheels constantly providing power, or with two wheels engaging only when the other pair loses traction.

A drive shaft is used to transmit the power between the engine and the driven wheels. At the ends of the drive shaft you will require Bellows and Joints in order to make the transfer between the engine transmission, the drive shaft and the wheel axle.            

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