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Part service is one of the UK's largest and leading suppliers of Commercial Automotive parts. Our warehouse in Exeter comprises 18,500 square feet of space, allowing us to hold the largest stock of motor components in the area. 
We are your local Automotive Distribution Federation(IAAF) CV parts distributor. With a dedicated team of 42 specialists, we have the knowledge and infrastructure to ensure that you get the right parts delivered to yourself or your business, when you need it. Whats more all of our parts are bought from reputable, quality suppliers. Regardless of the overall condition of your vehicle, parts can fail and when they do you need good quality, genuine original articles to replace the previous ones that have reached the end of their lifespan. The original manufacturers, their dealers and their distributers are unlikely to be on hand to help, but here at Part Services we can take care of all your needs, thanks to our lengthy product knowledge and range of different parts available.

Efficiency of Service.

Our 32 vans are able to offer an hourly delivery service to trade with customers within a five mile radius of Exeter, making deliveries in both the East and South of Devon at least eight times daily.This reliable service enables you to concentrate on running your business without the worry of getting into difficulty in trying to obtain quality Commercial Vehicle Components.

Product Availability

PART SERVICE stocks top quality parts from major OE Suppliers. Product Availability is hugely important to us, that’s why our warehouse is fully equipped to stock all the necessary products to meet your requirements and in record time! The products that we supply are of the highest quality, with the best technical backup- we never compromise on quality. Feel free, at any time to come and view our full stock range. Our customers are always surprised at the amount of stock we carry for immediate delivery. Here are just a few examples:

Brake Drums and Discs Min. 200 items. Brake linings and brake pads Min. 6000 items. Relined CV shoes Min. 500+items. CV Clutch parts covers plates BRG kits Min. 1100items. Airbrakeparts Min. 1400items Rubbolite/Trucklite/Britax Min. 3500items TTC Min. 7000items. Steering and Suspension Min. 500items. Experience Our Efficient Services.
Axles•Brakes•Propshafts•Transmissions•Clutches•Engines•AutoElectrics Filters•Pumps•Bearings•LiftAttachmentChains•LoadArms


We deliver nationwide with next-day dispatch. International enquiries are welcomed. We courier worldwide direct to you.


When it comes to brakes we have three brake relining machines in operation to ensure a fast and efficient service.We also stock a comprehensive range of brake linings and pads for commercial vehicles including: Buses, Trucks, Cranes,Industrial and Fork Lift applications.


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